Our Mission

Nomadic Anglers is an outdoor digital media company endorsing a roaming lifestyle that captures the hype of fly fishing while promoting conservation and ethics. We are always on the go, getting stoked on the journey of chasing the addiction. Whatever your style is, everyone can agree that nothing compares to the feeling of the tug of a fish when you set the hook. This feeling isn’t possible without the fish and the waters they live in. In recent years, social media has exploded outdoor recreation. An exponentially growing number of people are venturing out into the mountains and onto the water, leaving a gap in knowledge around conservation and ethics. We aim to shed a positive light on the sport, and lead the charge pushing social media trends toward a more fish-friendly image We want to show people that you can still go out and get stoked on catching fish while treating them ethically and ensuring that we continue to be stewards of our public lands.

Nomadic Mission Image